Reasons for running for Austintown Trustee:

As a lifelong resident, I believe that Austintown is moving forward, and I want to represent our community with new, current, and honest leadership. I want to be the voice of the residents in Austintown! I'm running as a public servant, business man, and more importantly a father of future generations.


As a law enforcement officer I have an understanding of what it is like to serve the public, and have done so for twenty years. Additionally, I have the management skills which have enabled me to run my business. These experiences have given me the integrity, character, and values of which I believe is integral for a Trustee position in Austintown Township.

A few of my top priorities are:

Continue to bring new business and job growth to our township. Ensure our infrastructure is up to date with all the new development coming to our area. Support our safety forces with the equipment they need to protect our community. Upgrade and utilize our parks to facilitate more family oriented activities throughout the year; such as: Easter egg hunt, Trick or Treat, Christmas in the park. Ensure the racino monies are managed properly and continue to have our departments utilize grant funding, support our senior center and make sure we have a balanced budget.